The Barr Brothers: Sleeping Operator

The Barr Brothers’ second CD, Sleeping Operator, wonderfully showcases the quartet’s sublime and compelling world-folk sound. The brothers, guitarist Brad, and drummer Andrew, toured for 15 years in The Slip, a top jam band. After moving to Montreal, they met harpist Sarah Page and bassist/pianist Andres Vial, and together have created their quieter and more song-centered ensemble. Sleeping Operator comes after a very creative period where they wrote more than 40 songs, featuring lyrics by Brad Barr and exotic instrumentation. The result is a CD that’s intimate, evocative and at times otherworldly.
Sleeping Operator
Released: October 7, 2014
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Sleeping Operator
Andrew Barr says their new band offered new musicial possibilities.
Static Orphans
Andrew Barr says the CD’s opening track started as a harp solo.
New Dynamics
Andrew Barr says not overpowering the harp is key to their sound.
African Blues
Andrew Barr says he and Brad grew up listening to African music.
Writing Songs
ndrew Barr says writing songs opened new vistas after The Slip.
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