Chuck Wicks: Turning Point

Eight years after his last full-length album and a career that’s branched out into co-hosting TV’s America’s Morning Show with Blair Garner, Chuck Wicks returns with a stunning new record that showcases masterful writing and singing. Turning Point ranges from good-time songs to deep reflections on love and loss. Throughout, Wicks pairs his smooth voice with poignant lyrics and storylines that will surprise and please fans of his early hits like Stealing Cinderella and other top 40 country songs.
Turning Point
Released: February 23, 2016
Genre: Country
Turning Point
Chuck Wicks says his new songs capture real-life moments.
Us Again
Chuck Wicks’ writing starts with opening lines and melodies.
She’s Gone
Chuck Wicks says the CD’s opener is not what fans may expect.
Over You Gettin’ Over Me
Chuck Wick’s song of real heartbreak that won’t ever go away.
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Green River Ordinance: Fifteen

Fifteen, the third studio album from Green River Ordinance, is named after the number of years this Texas-based, harmony-rich, alt-country band has been together, and is based on a simple message: hold fast to the things that are true. Fifteen, recorded with the feel of a live show, reflects their deepening success over the years. The tracks feel good, feature great singing, have encouraging messages and grooves ranging from rocking to quiet.
Released: January 22, 2016
Genre: Country
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Red Fire Night
Josh Jenkins says Fifteen celebrates the band’s coming of age.
Maybe It’s Time
Josh Jenkins says people need to fight for what’s worthwhile.
Keep Your Cool
Josh Jenkins says why the first song recorded is his favorite.
Keep My Heart Open
Josh Jenkins says many songs emphasize we all need help.
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Jack Wall: Call of Duty, Black Ops III

Jack Wall has composed video game music for more than 20 years including for the Myst franchise, Splinter Cell, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Call of Duty, whose Black Ops III release is 2015’s biggest-grossing media entertainment release. Wall’s soundtrack is big, dramatic and full of surprises that one might expect in films but not video games. In this audio profile, Wall, who won Best Video Game Score at the 2013 ASCAP Film and TV Music Awards, talks about how video composing has evolved, and how the Black Ops series included wonderful side projects needing entirely different scores.
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Released: November 6, 2015
Genre: Soundtrack
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Black Ops III
Jack Wall says music now helps video games tell stories.
Ego Vivo
Jack Wall says game players shouldn’t focus on the music.
Cold Hard Cash
Jack Wall is especially proud of his big band jazz pieces.
More Zombies
Jack Wall describes the zany jingles this game needed.
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Black Violin: Stereotypes

Black Violin is the head-turning duo of violist Wilner Baptiste and violinist Kevin Sylvester. Their second CD, Stereotypes, confronts the reality that many people don’t expect Black artists to be classically trained, let alone blending magnificent strings with hip hop and dance grooves. But as Wil Baptiste says in this audio portrait, they are all about breaking stereotypes and bringing out the best in people through music.
Released: September 18, 2015
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Wil Baptiste says a Black Violin show defies expectations.
Wil Baptiste says Black Violin bridges classical and hip hop.
Wil Baptiste says their sound came very naturally to the duo.
Stay Clear/Addiction
Wil Baptiste says their lyrics add to their uplifting message.
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Glen Hansard: Didn’t He Ramble

Glen Hansard’s second solo CD, Didn’t He Ramble, is an intimate album from the acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter, who sees life as a mysterious and spiritual journey. Produced by Thomas Bartlett (Sufjan Stevens) and Grammy winner and ex-Frames band-mate David Odlum, Hansard’s soulful songs ponder the invisible forces that guide our lives, from grace and mercy to finding the inner strength to keep going.
Didn't He Ramble
Released: September 18, 2015
Genre: Alt-Indie
All Glen Hansard profiles…
Paying My Way
Glen Hansard says he went deeper as a songwriter on the CD.
Grave Beneath the Pines
Glen Hansard says the song are about what it means to be alive.
Her Mercy
Glen Hansard says a Leonard Cohen biography inspired this song.
Winning Streak
Glen Hansard says why he’s drawn to artists who are seekers.
Stay The Road
Glen Hansard says his songs spill out when his ego is least present.
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Dominik Scherrer: The Missing

The Missing is a successful TV Miniseries that traces a father and detective’s search for a kidnapped boy. The thriller’s evocative soundtrack, by film composer Dominik Scherrer, has been nominated for an Emmy. Scherrer’s sonic backdrop shaped the mood of the narrative and kept evolving with its haunting storyline. Even though his work is highly regarded, Scherrer wasn’t sure how The Missing would be received until it finally aired.
The Missing
Released: February 10, 2015
Genre: Soundtrack
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Dominik Scherrer says what made The Missing such an alluring project.
Dominik Scherrer says he composes emotional themes, not characters.
The Basement
Dominik Scherrer describes how he created the series’ sonic signature.
Dominik Scherrer didn’t know how his soundtrack would be received.
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Jonathan McReynolds: Life Music, Stage Two

Jonathan McReynolds is a young gospel artist whose songs are as personal as they are inspirational. His second recording, Life Music: Stage Two, is filled with songs that portray people who struggle with daily life and keeping their faith. The music and message is both soothing and realistic, bringing a fresh approach to contemporary gospel by being unusually personal, vulnerable and optimistic.
Life Music: Stage Two
Released: September 18, 2015
Genre: Gospel
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Got My Love
Jonathan McReynolds says he wanted his album to portray the life of a Christian.
Jonathan McReynolds says he writes songs spontaneously from his experiences.
Jonathan McReynolds says this anthemic song almost became the album’s title.
Jonathan McReynolds’ other favorite song reminds him to overcome limitations.
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Bobby Long: Ode To Thinking

On Bobby Long’s third recording, Ode to Thinking, the British-born singer-songwriter returned to basics—writing songs on his acoustic guitar and testing them at shows before going into the studio. The result is 11 songs by an acute observer of the contours and contradictions of modern living. From the title cut’s take on apathy, to the dangers of living lost in thought, Ode to Thinking is filled with energetic and catchy songs that provoke and linger.
Ode To Thinking
Released: August 7, 2015
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Ode To Thinking
Bobby Long says he fell back in love with the acoustic guitar.
I’m Not Going Out Tonight
Bobby Long’s song of searching for unattainable beauty.
Something Blue, Something Borrowed
Bobby Long’s sad wedding song inspired by classic R&B.
Bobby Long’s surprising response to an Internet stalker.
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Alicia Witt: Revisionary History

Alicia Witt is best known as a television and movie actress, whose credits include The Sopranos. Yet Witt also has been a classically trained pianist since childhood and a singer-songwriter since her late teens. Her third album, Revisionary History, is a piano-driven pop-rock recording whose songs ponder how we constantly revise the stories we tell ourselves about heartbreak, loyalty and finding oneself. Produced by Ben Folds, it is passionate and catchy, underscoring another side of Witt’s talents.
Released: May 5, 2015
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Alicia Witt says being a singer-songwriter is very different from acting.
Alicia Witt says Revisionary History is her most personal recording.
Revisionary History
Alicia Witt says the title is the theme running through most songs.
New Word
Alicia Witt’s song of finding the right words, for the right love.
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Angaleena Presley: American Middle Class

Angaleena Presley is best-known as a member of the Pistol Annies with Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert. Her stunning debut record, American Middle Class, shows why she is one of country’s best female singer-songwriters. "It’s my story," Presley says, of the funny, tragic, gritty and hopeful songs that are snapshots of life and her family in Beauty, Kentucky, a rough coal town. When Presley says she’s lived "every second, every note, every word," you can believe it in this compelling record co-produced with her husband, Jordan Powell.
American Middle Class
Released: October 14, 2014
Genre: Americana
All Angaleena Presley profiles…
Ain’t No Man
Angaleena Presley has been trying to make this record for a long time.
All I Ever Wanted
Angaleena Presley says she’s more of a "song catcher" than a writer.
Grocery Story
Angaleena Presley says a man she couldn’t figure out sparked this song.
Life Of The Party
Angaleena Presley says this is the record’s "walk of shame" song.
Better Off Red
Angaleena Presley says leaving Kentucky made her appreciate it.
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