What Artists Say

“Very lovely pieces. Thank you so much for doing them. Mind if I share this link?”

Peter Himmelman, 2010 (Listen)

“Listening now its sooooo great! Thank you!”

Jonathan Clark, 2010 (Listen)

“I can’t tell you how much I loved the ASCAP piece, well, I can, I realized, and I am going to! Thank you so much for this beautifully put together interview, and thank you for taking the time to marry the music and answers so perfectly. If only my elderly parents knew how to work a computer, I would send it to them and say LOOK take a listen to this, THAT’s who I am and what I do!”

Julia Fordham, 2010 (Listen)

“I just wanted to thank you all for your work bringing the Audio Portrait series to life. This is one of the deeper discussions of the record to date, and I learned a bit about it, myself. I’ve linked

“This was a cool interview about the new record, but from a much deeper point of view. The interviewer wanted to get heavy with it, and I was psyched to get heavy with him, mostly because the record can handle that. It’s all there – the risk taking, the hard-won nature of every victory, the gratitude that experience infuses into joy. Sure, I probably come off a bit serious, but I was learning stuff about the record and reaching for new ways to understand it, and I’ll be bringing some of these thoughts forward with me. I hope you enjoy it.”

Mike Errico, 2011 (Listen)

“This is so amazing!!!   Thank you so much for featuring me on this and asking such interesting questions, I checked out a few others, WOW so many amazing ones!!!!

Amber Rubarth, 2011 (Listen)

“Steven Rosenfeld has outdone himself this time…he created the most beautiful piece of work for this profile. I LOVE it!

Mary Gauthier, 2011 (Listen)

“Excellent job. I posted it on my news page. Beautiful music. My voice sounds like an African Tree Frog, but that’s hypothyroidism for you! Beautifully done. Thank you so very much!”

Jessica Williams, 2010 (Listen)

“Wow!  I LOVE the AudioPortrait.  You did a great job!”

Glenna Bell, 2010 (Listen)

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