About BehindTheBeat

BehindTheBeat’s Mission

BehindTheBeat is a media company that has brought the Voice of the Artist™ audio portraits to the music world for a decade. BehindTheBeat covers new recordings by a wide range of artists by conducting timely evocative interviews and combining them with musical excerpts to produce compelling portraits of artists, their latest music and creative life.

These profiles can be used in a variety of journalistic and promotional contexts. BehindTheBeat believes the voices of artists speaking passionately about their art – against the backdrop of that music – has a powerful emotional appeal. Hearing artists and performers talk about their creative lives, inspiration and emotions, and their latest work stand out in contemporary music journalism and marketing. BehindTheBeat audio portraits bring listeners and artists closer together, forging a bond that translates into deeper loyalty among fans while promoting their work.

BehindTheBeat’s audio profiles are broadcast quality. The company’s sophisticated audio production creates the best possible sound for online users. Our proprietary content management system allows clients of any size to integrate this content into their operations, online and off. For more than a decade, our audio profiles have appeared on ASCAP.com and scores of artists’ websites.

BehindTheBeat’s content was designed for the Internet, but is ideal for radio, podcasts, e-mail campaigns, electronic press kits, and promotional campaigns.

Who Are We?

BehindTheBeat was founded by two award-winning Public Radio producers to bring the quality and integrity of that medium to the World Wide Web. BehindTheBeat’s vision is to pioneer the use of high quality audio journalism to enrich the on- and off-line music space. The company’s producers have 50 years of combined broadcast experience, which is why no one else produces audio profiles of comparable editorial and sonic quality.

BehindTheBeat offers subscription plans and a custom production service. BehindTheBeat is neither a download site nor a music retailer, but provides clients with a highly effective new way to preview music and introduce artists, stimulating sales, and giving industry professionals new ways to become excited about recording artists and upcoming releases.

For more information regarding business opportunities and partnerships, please contact: [email protected].

Management and Producers

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