Meredith Monk: Piano Songs

Meredith Monk has been a composer, singer, director/choreographer, and creator of new operas, musical-theatre works, film and installations for over 50 years. As she celebrates that milestone with perhaps more performances and tributes this year than ever, she has released Piano Songs. The collection of 12 instrumental compositions for two pianos spanning the decades is magnificently performed by Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens. The pieces are meditative, moving and memorable; where two pianos sing to each other as heartbeat, voice an dancer.
Piano Songs
Released: April 6, 2014
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Piano Songs
Meredith Monk says she thinks of everything as singing, even her piano works.
Two Pianos
Meredith Monk says why the two-piano format has been so alluring to her.
The Pianists
Meredith Monk recalls how she met Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens.
St. Petersburg Waltz
Meredith Monk says this piece was inspired by the idea of this great city.
Meredith Monk says she keeps challenging herself to break new ground.
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