Pat McGee: Pat McGee

Pat McGee’s self-titled latest CD is a dream come true. Though he’s been writing and performing for 20 years, McGee decided to emulate the timeless music that first inspired him. What he did not expect was "The Section," or musicians who backed Jackson Browne and many others would join him. But they did—Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Waddy Wachtel, Danny Korchmar and Jeff Pevar. The fantastic result vibrates with the DNA of great 1970s rock.
Pat McGee
Released: May 12, 2015
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Bad Idea
This recording began with a great notion.
The Song
These players only care about supporting the song.
Take The Long Way
The first song they recorded was about a dear friend.
Stronger Than I Appear
Pay McGee’s song inspired by sailors serving overseas.
Rhode Island
A great rocking song and Jackson Browne’s confirmation.
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John Anderson: Goldmine

John Anderson is a country legend known for his immediately recognizable earthy voice and honest songwriting. Goldmine is his first new music in 9 years and 23rd album. It is filled with evocative, passionately played songs celebrating moments in real life. Whether singing about love, romance, alligators, faith, one’s final days or patriotism, you’ll hear why he’s a beloved country songwriter.
Released: May 26, 2015
Genre: Country
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John Anderson
John Anderson is thrilled with the range of songs on the record.
John Anderson’s song honoring a love that grows over a lifetime.
Holdin’ On
John Anderson’s song of hard times when all one can do is hold on.
Back Home
John Anderson says this poignant and sad story happens all the time.
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Whitey Morgan: Sonic Ranch

Whitey Morgan is the real deal: a whiskey poet, tele-twanger-banger, road warrior and artist who laughs at it all. On his latest album, Sonic Ranch, this country outlaw bandleader delivers one fantastic song after another about the rough-and-tumble world of honky tonks, frustrated dreams and broken relationships. Morgan and his band, the 78s, are as fun and wild as they are sensitive and deep. It’s not to be missed.
Sonic Ranch
Released: May 19
Genre: Country
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Me and The Whiskey
Whitey Morgan puts quite a bit of his life into his songs.
Leavin’ Again
Whitey Morgan says he has never sung like this before.
Ain’t Gonna Take It No More
Whitey Morgan loves Bobby Bare’s cheeky country style.
Waitin’ Round to Die
Whitey Morgan on Townes Van Zandt’s dark masterpiece.
Still Drunk Still Crazy Still Blue
Whitey Morgan’s version of Scott H. Biram’s country waltz.
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Anat Cohen: Luminosa

Clarinetist-saxophonist Anat Cohen brings her musical worlds together on her seventh album, Luminosa. The Israeli virtuoso instrumentalist and bandleader draws on her love of jazz, Brazilian classics and Choro, and electronica to create an album that is filled with warm and rich original compositions and inventive covers. Cohen has topped Downbeat’s readers and critics polls for several years running and it’s easy to hear why.
Released: March 17, 2015
Genre: Jazz
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Anat Cohen says all of her musical worlds are on Luminosa.
Anat Cohen says why she’s most at home on the Clarinet.
In The Spirit of Baden
Anat Cohen says why she loves space between the notes.
Anat Cohen on Milton Nascimento’s magical landscapes.
Happy Song
Anat Cohen wanted to write a song in a major key.
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Meredith Monk: Piano Songs

Meredith Monk has been a composer, singer, director/choreographer, and creator of new operas, musical-theatre works, film and installations for over 50 years. As she celebrates that milestone with perhaps more performances and tributes this year than ever, she has released Piano Songs. The collection of 12 instrumental compositions for two pianos spanning the decades is magnificently performed by Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens. The pieces are meditative, moving and memorable; where two pianos sing to each other as heartbeat, voice an dancer.
Piano Songs
Released: April 6, 2014
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Piano Songs
Meredith Monk says she thinks of everything as singing, even her piano works.
Two Pianos
Meredith Monk says why the two-piano format has been so alluring to her.
The Pianists
Meredith Monk recalls how she met Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens.
St. Petersburg Waltz
Meredith Monk says this piece was inspired by the idea of this great city.
Meredith Monk says she keeps challenging herself to break new ground.
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Gretchen Peters: Blackbirds

Gretchen Peters is a wonderful singer-songwriter who was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2014. She’s a beloved and respected artist, whose moody and captivating songs are filled with lost souls, people trapped in the darkness or finding their way out. In Blackbirds, she ponders mortality, family and faith in songs that soothe and lift the spirit—even in the darkest times.
Released: February 10, 2015
Genre: Americana
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Gretchen Peters says her latest CD looks at mortality and family.
Pretty Things
Gretchen Peters says this song starts as a woman’s cry for help.
The Cure For The Pain
Gretchen Peters says there may not be answers to life’s questions.
Everything Falls Away
Gretchen Peters says she’s not a religious person but has great faith.
When You Comin’ Home
Gretchen Peters says why she loves Jimmy LaFave’s vocals on this.
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Louise Goffin: Appleonfire

Louise Goffin’s parents are the renowned songwriting duo of Carole King and Gerry Goffin. After her father’s passing in 2014, Louise worked with his longtime collaborator, Barry Goldberg, to create a six-song tribute EP featuring alittle-heard songs by Goffin and various co-writers. Appleonfire is filled with magnificent songs of the heart that are beautifully rendered. It includes a new song co-written by Louise with the late Chris Aaron, and features Jakob Dylan and Joseph Authur on harmony vocals on two Goffin & King gems
Released: March 6, 2015
Genre: No Genre
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It’s Not The Spotlight
Louise Goffin’s tribute to her father began with this song from the early 1970s.
Higher Than Low
Louise Goffin recalls writing this bluesy ballad with Chris Aaron and James Hall.
It I’m Late
This rediscovered Goffin-King gem features Joseph Arthur on harmony vocals.
I’m Not Rich, But I’m Not Poor
Louise Goffin tells the story of writing this song with her father many years ago.
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Mohammed Fairouz: Follow, Poet

Mohammed Fairouz is one of most frequently performed and recorded young composers. He makes his Deutsche Grammophon Debut in January 2015 with the release of Follow, Poet. The album features premiere recordings of the song cycle Audenesque, performed by Kate Lindsey, as well as the ballet, Sadat. Both are performed by the New York chamber orchestra Ensemble LPR, conducted by Evan Rogister. Follow, Poet is a homage to "great language," Fairouz said, growing out of his collaboration with the late Irish poet Seamus Heaney.
Follow, Poet
Released: January 27, 2015
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Mohammed Fairouz says this song cycle began as a conversation with Seamus Heaney.
Mohammed Fairouz says his compositions always begin with a text or visual image.
Mohammed Fairouz says he used percussion to narrate the life story of Anwar Sadat.
Great Language
Mohammed Fairouz explains why music and poetry’s role in society matters to him.
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Michael J. Smith & Friends: The Spirit of Christmas

Michael W. Smith’s The Spirit of Christmas is a magnificent collaboration between a three-time GRAMMY winner and many of Nashville’s outstanding vocalists. Smith, an acclaimed singer, songwriter, composer and bandleader, calls it "the most unique and unusual" record of his career. It features ASCAP artists Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Amy Grant, Jennifer Nettles, and Michael McDonald singing classics and originals backed by an orchestra. Every track stands out, adding up to a timeless recording.
Michael W. Smith & Friends: The Spirit of Christmas
Released: April 30, 2014
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop
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All Is Well
Michael W. Smith says the CD’s collaborations exceeded his expectations.
Christmas Day
Michael W. Smith has always loved listening to and writing Christmas songs.
White Christmas
Michael W. Smith wanted to take a jazzy approach with Lady Antebellum.
Almost There
Michael W. Smith recalls the spark behind a stunning song for Amy Grant.
Michael W. Smith never expected to be singing beside a Doobie Brother.
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Patty Larkin: Still Green

Patty Larkin’s Still Green is an intimate exploration of loss, grief, appreciation and beauty. The 13th recording in a storied folk-pop career comes after illness and death in her family. Larkin wrote songs to process her feelings and experiences in difficult moments, as well as songs of returning to appreciate love, her family and nature. The result is a passionate and soothing album that touches topics that no one can avoid but few openly talk about, let alone put into songs.
Still Green
Released: September 24, 2013
Genre: Folk
All Patty Larkin profiles…
Best of Intentions
Patty Larkin says Still Green is a CD that faces loss, grief, beauty and gratitude.
So Cold
Patty Larkin says she wrote songs without ever thinking she would perform them.
Green Behind The Ears
Patty Larkin says this poem helped her to bridge the past and the future.
Soon As I Am Better
Patty Larkin says this song helped her to move through deep grief.
Because of This
Patty Larkin says loss and grieving can bring out life’s beauty.
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