Steven Rosenfeld, Founder, Executive Producer

Steve is an award-winning journalist with a career in print and national broadcasting. He has been a reporter at National Public Radio and Christian Science Monitor Radio, an executive producer at Air America Radio, senior fellow at and has written or co-edited four books on campaigns and voting rights. He has been a guitar player for more than 35 years.
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Steven Hanley, Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a technology business lawyer and a graduate of Stanford Law School. Steve began his career at Silicon Valley’s leading law firm serving technology companies and their investors. He went on to become General Counsel and Director of Business Development at a Silicon Valley semiconductor company, guiding it through its initial public offering and listing on NASDAQ. He then served as General Counsel for a major Taiwan semiconductor company, through its IPO and listing on the TAIEX.

Steve Fox, Chief Technology Officer

Steve founded the largest online advertising network in Asia, which was acquired by DoubleClick Media Asia in 1999. He also developed several other popular Chinese language web sites including Taiwan’s most popular dating web site, the first Chinese language online white pages. Most recently, Steven is working as a songwriter and producer for his musical project, Secret Friend.

John Rieger, Executive Editor

John is an award-winning Public Radio producer whose work since 1980 has ranged from journalism to audio art. He has appeared as the host of NPR’s All Things Considered, and the Smithsonian Institution’s Radio Smithsonian, and he presented his original performance work at the First Moscow International Festival of Contemporary Art. Most recently John was the Managing Editor of Beyond Computers, Public Radio’s premiere program on culture technology.
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Jesse Boggs, Senior Producer

Jesse Boggs is an award-winning journalist whose career has also spanned both broadcasting and print. He has produced numerous documentaries for nationally syndicated public radio shows. He has created 100’s of books on tape and numerous museum audio tours, and he is also a working commercial composer and the creator of several children’s CD’s.
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