BEHINDtheBEAT’s audio portraits deepen the relationship between music lovers and musicians.

Whether satisfying one’s curiosity about a new release or artist, or a desire to have a deeper understanding about a performer and what is behind their latest work, BEHINDtheBEAT’s profiles create and expand the compelling personal connection between artists and their music.

The power and appeal of our Voice of the Artist™ audio portraits lies in the sensuality of the human voice. Listening to artists talk about their latest work – what inspired them, their creative process, the mood or message in the songs – adds emotional depth and meaning to the music. Musicians are eager to reach out and speak directly to their audience, which too often hears only the opinions of critics and publicists or is diluted by visual imagery in videos or music television. The power of music lies in the direct thread from artists’ words, singing and instrumentation to their listeners’ own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

BEHINDtheBEAT audio portraits mine that rich vein while not adding distractions. The result is a deeper connection and understanding and relationship between fan and musicians. It is that bond that lies at the heart of successful marketing, especially in today’s social network driven world.

BEHINDtheBEAT™ was created by a team of veteran producers from Public Radio, where the art of portraying the richness of the world in voices and sound has achieved its highest expression. We bring their years of experience and reverence for the human voice and audio expression to the music world to create a unique and powerful category of content.

Since it’s founding in 2000, BEHINDtheBEAT has profiled more than 400 artists and their new recordings. A typical profile contains four three-and-one-half minute segments, each telling a different story about the artist, recording, and selected tracks from the CD. These audio portraits are akin to mini-documentaries, or the audio equivalent of a movie trailer. Artists can be heard talking about their music in ways that are more personal and intimate and revelatory than typical music media presentations. Most artists laud our work; often saying it is the best media presentation they have recently experienced.

BEHINDtheBEAT’s catalog, available for review on the web, contains more than 1,600 individual segments about musicians and their music. Each has a typical shelf life of many months, if not years, as significant work by artists of any genre always stand the test of time.

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