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Van Dyke Parks: Brian Wilson presents Smile

What were they thinking? In 1965, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was at the height of his pop fame and embarked on a bold musical project: "Smile." Van Dyke Parks was the lyricist and accompanied him on the journey … Continue reading


Ricky Ian Gordon: Bright Eyed Joy

Ricky Ian Gordon has composed for the concert hall, opera stage and theatre for years, but until the release of "Bright Eyed Joy," Gordon’s work has only appeared on anthologies. Now, on his first solo CD, Gordon sets his favorite … Continue reading


Bill Frisell: Ghost Town

“My very first album,” says Bill Frisell, “started out to be a solo, but I sort of chickened out and got a bass player. So this is something I’ve been intending for a long time…” For his first solo effort, … Continue reading