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Andy Akiho: No One To Know One

Andy Akiho is a captivating young composer and percussionist whose career has followed the unusual arc of playing and writing for steel drum bands to the modern concert stage. In his "No One To Know One" CD, he traces this … Continue reading


Alex Shapiro: Notes from the Kelp

Alex Shapiro is a renowned concert composer whose music is as expressive as it is boundary-breaking. "Notes from the Kelp" features chamber works where Shapiro takes listeners on evocative journeys that are serious, funny, intimate and grand. Shapiro says the … Continue reading


Barry Schrader: EAM

Electronic composer Barry Schrader was drawn to music many years ago by the possibility of creating "something imagined, not recalled." Schrader found his voice in electronic music, where he’s created musical worlds by manipulating the timbre or qualities that color … Continue reading