Streaming Subscriptions

Rich, Reliable Solution

Streaming Subscriptions are intended for music businesses and media companies looking to enrich their customers’ experience in support of sales and other objectives. BTB quality audio is a rich and reliable solution.

World Class Content, World Class Delivery

Starting with day one of your subscription, you will have Password Protected Access to Manage, BEHINDtheBEAT’s World Class content management system. Manage contains all the text, graphics and audio files plus the code you’ll need to implement BTB Audio at your site in just a few hours.

Freedom and Efficiency

You have the freedom to use as much BTB content as you want in the way that best fits your site. MANAGE supplies the building blocks; you create the home for BTB at your site.

Cost of Streaming Subscriptions varies depending on your intended use of BTB content.

To find out more about Streaming Subscriptions, contact [email protected]

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