Frequently Asked Questions

What is BEHINDtheBEAT?

BEHINDtheBEAT is a new media company producing short audio features about musicians and their latest recordings. BEHINDtheBEAT is published using a “wire service” subscription model and also offers a custom production service. A proprietary content management system delivers audio and related text and graphics to clients. These clients include music industry professionals, online retailers and artist sites.

The custom production service provides this same content in broadcast quality formats to traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses, where audio profiles can be an addition to broadcast programming or an enhancement of a promotional campaign.

What are BEHINDtheBEAT audio portraits?

BEHINDtheBEAT audio portraits are professionally produced, sonically optimized audio segments featuring the Voice of the Artist™, taken from original interviews with musicians talking about their latest recordings, and artfully woven with selections from the music. These are NOT simply edited interviews, but highly produced short programs that tell a musical story with a beginning, middle and ending.

BEHINDtheBEAT’s Voice of the Artist™ audio portraits have no narrator, only the artist speaking. The listener can read a written introduction on a website link or a CD label. BEHINDtheBEAT produces four three-minute long segments per portrait. This program length and format matches Internet attention spans (where the listener has to be engaged within 10 seconds), while still introducing listeners to excerpts from up to 6 or 7 songs.

BEHINDtheBEAT audio portraits are world-class journalism representing a new way to preview music, introduce artists to the public, and promote sales. The segments can be played individually or roll over sequentially, creating, in effect, a mini-documentary where listeners hear more and more from artists, discovering nuances about songs, lyrics, artist’s lives and their craft.

Where can I hear BEHINDtheBEAT artist portraits?

For more than a decade, BEHINDtheBEAT has produced audio portraits primarily for In this time, BEHINDtheBEAT has profiled more than 400 artists, creating more than 1,600 individual audio segments about aspects of artists’ creative lives, writing and recordings. Under BEHINDtheBEAT’s license with ASCAP, its profiled member have added this content to their websites, blogs and e-mail campaigns to reach out to fans to nurture artist-fan relationships, promote their CDs, spur ticket sales, convince traditional radio producers to bring them on-air.

Who’s behind BEHINDtheBEAT?

BEHINDtheBEAT was founded by a group of musicians with established careers in business, high technology and public radio reporting and production. Our staff includes both veteran Internet entrepreneurs and award-winning Public Radio producers. Our Public Radio heritage gives BEHINDtheBEAT a unique ability to capture the compelling power of artists’ stories told in sound. BEHINDtheBEAT, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Francisco, California.

How are artists selected for Voice of the Artist audio portraits?

BEHINDtheBEAT’s editorial process is similar to that of many other music magazines. We’re journalists covering the music world, focusing on new releases. In deciding which new releases to cover, we make judgments about both the quality of the work and the level of public interest. We try to balance our coverage between who’s hot, and who deserves to be.

We also consult with our content partners, notably ASCAP’s marketing and editorial department, about which artists ASCAP membership representatives are watching, excited about and want to spotlight.  In general, BEHINDtheBEAT seeks to profile artists whose careers are ascendant or artists who continue to produce great music but whose latest work has been overlooked by music television or video.

How do I contact BEHINDtheBEAT to consider my band or me for an audio portrait?

BEHINDtheBEAT is an independent feature service with its own editorial policies. That being said, we do accept unsolicited submissions of recent or new releases. The company does not cover self-released CD’s or EP’s that are not included in the online catalogs of major retailers. Please send inquiries to: [email protected]

BEHINDtheBEAT’s production service will also produce custom profiles for artists who are willing to pay a fee, although the company will not automatically place these profiles into the catalog it’s seeking to license to other clients. Please send these inquiries to: [email protected]

How do I contact Behind the Beat?

Please forward all inquiries to [email protected]

Audio Technology

Which media formats does BEHINDtheBEAT support?

BEHINDtheBEAT audio content is currently available in high-quality MP3 format.

Do you plan to support other audio formats

Other audio formats are supported by our technology and may be made available in the future on request.

Do I need special software or hardware to listen?

To listen to BEHINDtheBEAT audio, you will need any standard MP3 player. BEHINDtheBEAT profiles play on PC and Apple platforms.

What’s the best set-up to listen to BEHINDtheBEAT audio?

BEHINDtheBEAT audio is optimized to provide satisfying listener experiences regardless of download speeds. A good set of speakers or headphones will help you get the most out of our premium-quality audio.

Can I use BEHINDtheBEAT audio portraits at my website?

BEHINDtheBEAT offers a Business-to-Business “wire service”. For more information, click here

Is it difficult to add BEHINDtheBEAT audio to my site?

BEHINDtheBEAT has developed a world class, automated content management system that makes it easy to add the correct html code to your web page by simply cutting and pasting. Graphics and text elements are equally easy to implement.



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