Hamilton Leithauser: Black Hours

After more than a decade as the acclaimed frontman for The Walkmen, Hamilton Leithauser has recorded his first solo recording, Black Hours. The CD showcases his magnificent voice in an array of settings ranging moody minimal night music to more raucous 1970s-inspired rock. Throughout, Leithauser sings with great dynamism and nuance in songs that pair moody lyrics and uplifting melodies.
Black Hours
Released: June 3, 2014
Genre: Alt-Indie
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New Sound
Hamilton Leithauser says he wanted to create a new sound and musical identity.
5 A.M.
Hamilton Leithauser says he started making quiet vocal album, but that changed.
I Don’t Need You Anymore
Hamilton Leithauser says what he really loves about dark lyrics with light feels.
The Smallest Splinter
Hamilton Leithauser says the record’s finale may be the CD’s darkest song.
The Silent Orchestra
Hamilton Leithauser says this song may be his favorite on his new solo CD.
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