Bill Banfield’s Jazz Urbane: Playing With Other People’s Heads – Songs

Bill Banfield’s Jazz Urbane is a musical collective creating some of today’s most innovative and accessible jazz. They feature musicians of all ages who blend classic and modern jazz and R&B influences with contemporary lyrics and singing. Playing With Other People’s Heads: Songs comes from 30 artists collaborating over 4 years under executive producer George Duke, who passed last summer. Contributors include Duke, Terri Lyn Carrington, Najee, Christian Scott Grace Kelly, Kevin Ross, Stokley Williams, Greg Osby and many others who are reviving the geat jazz song tradition.
Playing With Other People's Heads: Songs
Released: January 17, 2014
Genre: R & B
Playing With Other People’s Heads
Bill Banfield says Jazz Urbane’s sound comes from musicians of all ages.
The New Jazz Song
Bill Banfield says the project’s other big goal is creating the new jazz song.
I’m Ready For Your Love
Bill Banfield says this upbeat love song asks hard questions, as it should.
George Duke
Bill Banfield recalls the great gift of working with George Duke for a year.
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