Gungor: I Am Mountain

Micheal and Lisa Gungor, the husband-and-wife team that leads the Grammy-nominated progressive Christian collective known as Gungor, present the latest stage in their musical-spiritual journey in I Am Mountain. The sweeping and alluring recording recalls artsy progressive pop-rock from the 1970s, where big themes and ideas are cast in rich sonic settings that mix folk, jazz and electronic genres and instrumentation. Unlike much religious music, Gungor’s latest CD is not preachy but philosophical, offering listeners tidbits of advice for their quests.
I Am Mountain
Released: September 24, 2013
Genre: Alt-Indie
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I Am Mountain
Michael Gungor says the CD was written after years of wandering.
Let It Go
Michael Gungor says he had to make an effort to get out of his head.
The Best Part
Michael Gungor says Lisa’s songwriting is often about relationships.
God And Country
Micheal Gungor says this song is a lament for the world’s violence.
Upside Down
Micheal Gungor says the CD’s final track has quiet messages.

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