Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sean Hickey: Concertos

Sean Hickey is a brilliant New York-based composer whose concertos for cello and clarinet are presented in this rich evocative recording featuring Russia’s St. Petersburg State Symphony. Hickey follows the traditional contours of grand concert works, prominently featuring Dmitry Kouzov … Continue reading


George Duke: DreamWeaver

George Duke’s DreamWeaver takes its name from what the master musician and bandleader says is the music-making process. Written and recorded after the passing of his wife and musical family members, Duke presents captivating songs and sounds that lift spirits … Continue reading


Devon Allman: Turquoise

Devon Allman’s first solo recording, "Turquoise," takes a long look at his 20 year-long career. A descendant of one of rock’s founding families and veteran of many touring bands, Allman showcases his soulful vocals and tight arrangements in songs that … Continue reading