Garry Schyman: BioShock Infinite

Garry Schyman is an award-winning composer whose work includes scoring the BioShock video games. His music for BioShock Infinite, the third in the series, is an evocative mix of intimate string ensembles, experimental percussion and haunting anthems that follow the characters and turning points. Schyman says the series is some of his best work and it is easy to hear why. His score is epic and takes risks that are perfectly paired with the storyline.
BioShock Infinite
Released: March 2013
BioShock Infinite
Garry Schyman says video games present composers with wonderful opportunities.
Game Style
Garry Schyman says chamber-sounding strings were best suited for the characters.
War Drums
Garry Schyman says adding percussion to the strings made the battles more personal.
Garry Schyman describes one theme for a main character that is a time traveler.
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