Alison Miller: No Morphine, No Lilies

Allison Miller is an acclaimed drummer with a storied pop career. She’s less well-known as a modern jazz composer, although her Boom Tic Boom quartet’s second release, "No Morphine, No Lilies," should remedy that. Miller, who writes on the piano, has as extraordinary an ear for melody as she does for time. The CD is filled with striking, poignant, reflective pieces played magnificently by pianist Myra Melford, violinist Jenny Scheinman, bassist Todd Sickafoose and other guests.
No Morphine, No Lilies
Released: April 16, 2013
Genre: Jazz
No Morphine, No Lilies
Allison Miller says her compositions arose amid life-changing challenges.
Allison Miller says many pieces hadn’t been tried before recording them.
Boom Tic Boom
Allison Miller says one of her goals is to showcase her remarkable band.
Allison Miller wanted to record this song from the first time she heard it.
Sun Comes Up Reservoir
Allison Miller’s piece dedicted to the late great drummer, Paul Motian.
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