Paul Moravec: Northern Lights Electric

Paul Moravec is a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer whose works ranges from orchestral pieces to film scores. On "Northern Lights Electric," we hear four works performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project whose origins were inspired by places visited by Moravec. These compositions and performances are as elegant as they are sweeping, adventurous and sonically rich. It’s a delight to hear new concert music played so wonderfully, showcasing the performers as well as the composer.
Released: December 3, 2012
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Music and Place
Paul Moravec says he often composes music inspired by place.
Northern Lights Electric
Paul Moravec recounts the moment he saw this celestial spectacle.
Clarinet Concerto
Paul Moravec says he didn’t quite give David Krakauer what he wanted.
Performance Practice
Paul Moravec says BMOP did a fantastic job creating musical first impressions.

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