The Cadillac Black: The Cadillac Black

The Cadillac Black’s self-titled debut is a fantastically energetic, musically adventurous and fun southern rock recording that showcases a great band. The trio of Jaren Johnston, Kelby Ray and Nick Mason mix loud open-tuned and steel guitars with unapologetic songs about good times, country living and occasionally relationship moments. Anyone who loves big gritty foot-stomping guitar rock and earthy good-time lyrics will be in heaven.
The Cadillac Black
Released: October 26, 2012
Genre: Rock
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The Cadillac Black
Jaren Johnston says the band has happily returned to its musical roots.
Rocking Roots
Jaren Johnston says he grew up listening to southern rock and metal.
I’m Southern
Jaren Johnston wanted to write a musical ode "to why I’m like I am."
Steel Guitars
Jaren Johnston describes the secret to the group’s big sound.
Whiskey Soaked Redemption
Jaren Johnston says this older song needed to be rescued.
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