Chester French: MUSIC 4 TNGRS

Chester French is an indie-pop duo led by vocalist and songwriter David-Andrew ‘D.A.’ Wallach and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Maxwell Drummey. "MUSIC 4 TNGRS" comes after several years of success right out of college and shows the duo’s strengths and appeal, writing artsy songs against a lively sonic. "MUSIC 4 TNGRS" shows their playful, hip and serious sides that have been embraced by boundary-breaking fans.
Released: June 19, 2012
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Next Big Thing
D.A. Wallach says MUSIC 4 TNGRS was a major step in many ways for the duo.
Black Girls
D.A. Wallach says why he’s pleased with many lyrics, but especially this song.
D.A. Wallach says this playful song represents the best of Chester French.
Interesting Times
D.A. Wallach says this ballad reflects their artsy intellectual leanings.
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