Gabriel Kahane: February House

"February House" is Gabriel Kahane’s musical about a group of young writers and artists who decide to live together in Brooklyn on the eve of World War II. The characters are real. Some are famous and some not: some straight and some gay. All are looking for love, community and inspiration. The musical is captivating and provokes repeated listening, as the score and lyrics portray people whose issues feel as real today as they were 75 years ago.
February House
Released: October 16, 2012
February House
Gabriel Kahane says the musical began with famous writers, a book and an empty lot in Brooklyn.
The Characters
Gabriel Kahane says he wrote more than 60 songs to portray a half dozen leading characters.
The Banjo
Gabriel Kahane says the score did not come together until he discovered how well a banjo fit.
Theatre Songwriting
Gabriel Kahane says writing songs for characters is almost a forgotten art in popular music.
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