Psalm 1/America SCORES: Child Support

This release from ASCAP’s nationally acclaimed America SCORES program, bringing songwriting and sports to after-school programs in low-income neighborhoods, is a wonderful collaboration led by Chicago rap artist, Psalm One. The "Child Support" CD features nine songs, written and performed by Psalm One and the students she visited across America last fall. The tracks are filled with energy, enthusiasm, hope and wisdom and show how kids everywhere are inspired by music and awed by music making.
Child Support
Released: August 2012
Label: ASCAP
Genre: Urban
Smarter Gang
Psalm One says the biggest surprise was kids’ amazing energy.
We Want It All
Psalm One was dazzled by the natural rappers at this Atlanta school.
Stupid Girls Never Win
Psalm One says these seventh graders were facing very tough issues.
Ride For My Team
America SCORES’ kids also play soccer, which inspired this upbeat song.
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