Mikel Rouse: Boost/False Doors

Mikel Rouse’s career-marking double CD, "Boost/False Doors," is the singer-songwriter-composer’s 30th recording. The twin discs are a meditation on life’s vagaries and commentary on today’s hectic and greed-obsessed world. Musically, it is a wonderful mix of earthy steel guitar, polyrhythmic percussion, prepared piano, bass and drums that create, as Rouse says, a new style of popular music that draws from folk, rock, concert and electronic roots.
Boost/False Doors
Released: May 1, 2012
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Boost/False Doors
Mikel Rouse says the double CD are bookends to a personal turning point.
Sky Sprites
Mikel Rouse says this song of majesty and sadness is one of his best ever.
Redemption Fee
Mikel Rouse’s favorite track is whirlwind of sounds, strings and spoken words.
The Movie We’re In
Mikel Rouse says the CD closes with a meditation on our ever-changing world.
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