The Tower And The Fool: How Long

"The Tower and The Fool" is a Providence, Rhode Island-based indie rock band led by singer-songwriters Alex Correia and Chris Rosenquest. The duo came together after other projects ended and they found a rare ability to collaborate. On "How Long," the band showcases songs that take a hard look at personal disappointments and transform twists of fate into a music that transcends the difficulties. The CD deftly layers singing and guitars, showcasing a talented writing team and expressive band.
How Long
Genre: Alt-Indie
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New Start
Chris Rosenquest recalls how he and co-writer Al Correia teamed up.
How Long
Chris Rosenquest says most of the songs deal with fate they couldn’t control.
Chris Rosenquest says two real-life floods came together in this poignant song.
The Band
Chris Rosenquest says the band grew as organically as his writing partnership.
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