Oscar Penas: From Now On

Oscar Penas’ inspired musical journey shapes his latest CD, "From Now On." Penas studied classical guitar in his native Spain, studied jazz in Boston and New York, and fell in love with the rootsy jazzy music of Brazil and Argentina. These flavors surface on "From Now On," a rich, moody, expressive recording that is as composed as it is improvisational. Penas is a gifted writer, composed and bandleader, whose light touch on nylon strings is wonderfully balanced with sax, bass and percussion.
From Now On
Released: August 23, 2011
Label: bjur
Genre: Latin
Oscar Penas says "From Now On" shows all sides of his musical identity.
Oscar Penas says his writing begins with melodic ideas and then grows.
From Now On
Oscar Penas says the title track is inspired by Flamenco flavors.
Samuel Smith
Oscar Penas describes with delight how this track happened.
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