Gordon Chambers: Sincere

Gordon Chambers career as a fantastic and celebrated singer-songwriter has taken off in recent years, showing that it is more than possible to transition from writing hits for other stars. On "Sincere," Chambers delves into the nuances of relationship struggles that confront any couple where each person has a busy life and the road is filled with unanticipated bumps. Ranging from sophisticated modern R&B to jazzy solo piano, the CD is as sonically rich as it is emotionally attentive.
Released: September 27, 2011
Label: Nia
Genre: R & B
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Gordon Chambers says his latest CD came after a period of great personal struggle.
In The Band
Gordon Chambers says many songs focus on being an artist and a committed partner.
Moody Love
Gordon Chamber says this track, featuring strings, highlights love’s complexities.
A Song For You
Gordon Chamber’s tribute to Whitney Houston, who urged him to start performing.

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