Gaby Moreno: Illustrated Songs

Gaby Moreno’s "Illustrated Songs" is a special recording. Moreno is a wonderfully evocative singer and writer. Drawing on her upbringing in Guatemala and on classic jazz and pop records, she presents timeless songs in Spanish and English that are like scenes from films: each one clear, composed, reflective and filled with emotion and possibility.
Illustrated Songs
Released: April 5, 2011
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Illustrated Songs
Gaby Moreno says "Illustrated Songs" broke all kinds of musical ground.
Gaby Moreno says the CD’s opening song is sweeping and cinematic.
Gaby Moreno’s song based on a favorite poem from her childhood.
No Regrets
Gaby Moreno’s first try at a Bossa Nova with bilingual lyrics.
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