Yellowbirds: The Color

Yellowbirds is the name for the latest musical adventure of Sam Cohen, a singer-songwriter-producer who was previously with Apollo Sunshine. His latest recording, "The Color," is a psychedelic rock exploration of love, optimism and living fully that draws on the past and pulls at the future. Cohen taps the unconscious power of the musical performances and sounds to craft lyrics that are sparse but suggestive. As he says, it is a musical refuge "for purists" in today’s world.
The Color
Released: 2/15/11
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Sam Cohen
Sam Cohen says this is the CD he’s always wanted to make.
The Lyrics
Sam Cohen says he likes lyrics that circle around the music.
In Our World
A song of great optimism and togetherness in relationships.
The Color
Sam Cohen says most of the CD is about staying inspired.
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