Ethan Gold: Songs From a Toxic Apartment

Ethan Gold is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter whose debut CD, "Songs From A Toxic Apartment" draws on songs he wrote for various characters in a rock opera about teenage male anger and violence. Gold explores memories and turning points, writing songs where sweet sounds are paired with dark themes and predicaments. It is an ambitious and provocative CD, but one with ultimately positive lessons and hope.
Songs From a Toxic Apartment
Released: 1/11/11
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Songs From a Toxic Apartment
Ethan Gold says the CD began as a rock opera.
They Turned Away
Ethan Gold says this song marks a fork in the road.
Ethan Gold’s gentle remake of the opera’s centerpiece.
To Isis Sleeping
The CD’s final track is a love song to a higher healing power.
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