Monthly Archives: June 2011

Billy Rogan: A Loss for Words

Billy Rogan discovered acoustic guitar instrumentals in open tunings after playing electric guitar for many years. "A Loss For Words" is his demo EP, showcasing a half-dozen compositions where he combines the sweeping sounds of altered tunings with the drama … Continue reading


The Little Bear: Bridges

The Little Bear is a Nashville-based alt-indy-pop quartet featuring the songs and superb vocals of singer-songwriter Claire Guerreso. On "Bridges," their EP, Guerreso sings about the emotional dynamics in relationships: the ups, downs and hurdles in between. She has a … Continue reading


Jonathan Edwards: My Love Will Keep

Jonathan Edwards is a beloved folk troubadour whose optimistic voice and vision have engaged fans for decades. In "My Love Will Keep," his first studio recording in 14 years, Edwards has crafted new and old favorites into expansive, expressive compositions … Continue reading