Panda Bear: Tomboy

Panda Bear’s "Tomboy" is the latest solo recording by Noah Lennox, the singer-songwriter centerpiece of Animal Collective. In this soothing yet sonically adventurous recording, Lennox explores personal questions about work and family behind a lush and moodily intriguing veil of layered sound, harmony vocals and percussive convergences. Lennox wants to take listeners on a journey of aural delights and inner awakening, and he does.
Released: 4/12/11
Label: Paw Tracks
Genre: Electronic
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You Can Count on Me
Panda Bear wants to cleanse his and audience’s minds before listening.
What’s Exciting
Panda Bear says he is most excited by sounds that are not decipherable.
Panda Bear says the songs on the Tomboy are from real life, but private
Panda Bear ponders his competitive streak in music and sports.
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