Michael Hersch: Various Works

Michael Hersch is a modern American composer who is known for his clear, resonant, ambitious compositions and his mastery of the piano. In this audio portrait, he describes several major works, including: "Vanishing Pavilions," a large piano suite that he performed and recorded; two sonatas for solo cello performed by Daniel Gaisford; and "Fourteen Pieces," for solo violin. Hersch’s work is mysterious, eloquent and expressive, revealing a musical mind of great depth and precision.
Various Works
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The Vanishing Pavilions
Michael Hersch describes writing this massive solo piano cycle.
Cello Sonata No. 1
Michael Hersch says he wrote this before working with performers.
Daniel Gaisford
Michael Hersch describes writing this sonata for the noted cellist.
Fourteen Pieces
Michael Hersch says this solo violin series is a coda to other pieces.
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