Monthly Archives: February 2011

Matt Costa: Mobile Chateau

Matt Costa is a retro-rock stylist. The singer-songwriter-producer exults in the contours and colors of 1960s pop and psychedelic rock, but adds a modern touch with mysterious lyrics and metaphors. "Mobile Chateau" is the result of a year in the … Continue reading


Michael Hersch: Various Works

Michael Hersch is a modern American composer who is known for his clear, resonant, ambitious compositions and his mastery of the piano. In this audio portrait, he describes several major works, including: "Vanishing Pavilions," a large piano suite that he … Continue reading


Amber Rubarth: Good Mystery

Amber Rubarth is a New York City-based singer-songwriter whose songs are wonderful mixes of optimism, irony and fun. Her debut CD, "Good Mystery," explores love real and imagined and other muses with a subtle touch that is both poignant and … Continue reading