Peter Himmelman: The Mystery and the Hum

Peter Himmelman is one of those immensely talented musicians who spends too much time on too many projects. On "The Mystery And The Hum" he took a break from his manic routine to record a CD of energetic and alluring modern rock songs that showcase a range of tough and sensitive sentiments. "The Mystery and the Hum" deepens and satisfies with repeated listening.
The Mystery and the Hum
Released: 9/14/10
Genre: Rock
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Mystery and Hum
Peter Himmelman says every so often he has to escape to make music.
The Sessions
Peter Himmelman recounts his trek to Minneapolis to record the CD.
Raining Down From Satellite
Peter Himmelman says technology doesn’t always make people closer.
Trembling In The Beams
Peter Himmelman reflects on a poignant, personal song.
Passage of Time
Peter Himmelman says he is struck by time’s passing.
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