Mikky Ekko: Reds, Blues (two EPs)

Mikky Ekko’s latest release, "Blues," is another EP (following "Reds") that explores the edge of human consciousness and emotion in a setting that is equal parts electronic music, performance art and psychological theatre. Mikky Ekko sees himself as a musical shaman, creating music that is a conduit to understanding the dark and light sides of longing, love, mutuality, and resistance to change.
Reds, Blues
Released: 12/14/10
Genre: Alt-Indie
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Conscious Subconscious
Mikky Ekko says his music is a conduit for subconscious explorations.
Come Out and Die
Mikky Ekko describes how this track evolved from a dream.
That’s Change
Mikky Ekko’s push-back against unwanted good intentions.
The Walls Come Down
Mikky Ekko says apologetic talk is not real change.
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