Julia Fordham and Paul Reiser: Unusual Suspects

Noted vocalist Julia Fordham met actor Paul Reiser in 1994, but it wasn’t until running into each other at a film debut that Reiser, a classically trained pianist and composer, suggested writing together. The result is their recording, "Unusual Suspects," a wonderful collaboration that presents Fordham’s amazing voice and personal lyrics with Reiser’s cinematic, finely-crafted scores. Their CD is as surprising as it is rewarding.
Unusual Suspects
Released: 11/10/10
Genre: Jazz
Unusual Suspects
Julia Fordham was intrigued when Paul Reiser suggested co-writing.
Julia Fordham quickly found Paul was breaking new ground for her.
Julia Fordham is drawn to personal lyrics about relationships.
Julia Fordham describes writing about a haunting experience.

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