Daron Hagen: Complete Piano Trios

Daron Hagen is a remarkable composer whose writing has evolved in surprising ways. "Complete Piano Trios" contains two early works from a quarter century ago, for which he was acclaimed as a meticulous craftsman, and two recent works, where his melodies and moods are simpler yet stronger. All are presented in superb performances by the Seattle-based Finisterra Trio.
Complete Piano Trios
Released: 8/31/10
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Piano Trios
Daron Hagen describes how his writing has changed over the years.
Daron Hagen says his early work was built from musical fragments.
Wayfaring Stranger
Daron Hagen describes the allure of interpreting a found melody.
Finisterra Trio
Daron Hagen recalls how the trio inspired his recent writing.
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