Mary Gauthier: The Foundling

It took Mary Gauthier decades to lay the groundwork for her latest recording, "The Foundling," which tells the story of her orphan birth, finding her mother, and coming to terms with the unanticipated outcomes. Gauthier’s spirit and heart are huge, and coupled with her immense talent as an artist who captures and conveys moments and moods, she has produced a poignant, evocative and memorable work.
The Foundling
Released: 5/18/10
Genre: Americana
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The Foundling
Mary Gauthier on the surprise that was the key to telling her story.
Mama Here, Mama Gone
Mary Gauthier says visiting the orphanage meant more than she imagined.
Mary Gauthier said she finally stopped running from her past and faced it.
March 11, 1962
Mary Gauthier says finding her mother and calling her was the easiest part.
Sweet Words
Mary Gauthier says her mother’s reticence left a big unanswered question.
The Orphan King
Mary Gauthier says the CD is not angry or bitter, but a prayer for love.
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