Harper Blynn: The Loneliest Generation

Harper Blynn is a pop-rock quartet led by the songwriting duo of Pete Harper and J. Blynn, two unusually good writers and singers. Beyond the band’s notable vocals and tight harmony-filled arrangements are lyrics that speak to common circumstances faced by listeners, particularly people under age 30. The recording is impressive in every way: energetic, emotionally compelling, poetic and insightful.
The Loneliest Generation
Released: 5/11/10
Genre: Pop, Rock
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Twenty-five Years
Pete Harper says he and J. Blynn question their peer’s choices.
The Loneliest Generation
Pete Harper says too many young people are afflicted by feelings of loneliness.
The Doubt
Pete Harper says this is the only true love song on the recording.
Steal Your Love Away
Pete Harper explains why he thinks the group’s songs connect with listeners.

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