Joe Hurley: The House That Horse Built (Let the Great World Spin)

Joe Hurley is a big-hearted singer-songwriter who wrote and recorded a short CD based on "Let The World Spin," the National Book Award-winning novel by his friend Colum McCann. The novel and Hurley’s songs tell the story of Till, a New York City prostitute who is full of fire but takes her life in a final act of defiance. Hurley’s songs are edgy, harrowing and moving, much like his muse and protagonist in this most unusual project.
The House That Horse Built
Released: 11/30/09
Genre: Alt-Indie
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The House That Horse Built
Joe Hurley says the project started with a phone call one night.
My Name is Till
Joe Hurley says he had to feel a personal link to his main character.
Hanging From The Pipes
Joe Hurley reflects on the CD’s sound and Till’s final days in jail.
Gospel Choir
Joe Hurley wanted angels to accompany Till as she leaves this world.
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