Monthly Archives: April 2010

Big Light: Animals in Bloom

Big Light’s "Animals in Bloom" is a superb recording marrying psychedelic guitar rock, pop-like vocals and the band’s well-honed artsy sensibility. The Bay Area-based quartet has put in the time to create their own sound, and their recording shows a … Continue reading


Martin Sexton: Sugarcoating

Martin Sexton is one of the great modern singer-songwriters. His latest recording, "Sugarcoating," showcases his immensely soulful voice and his emotionally attuned writing. The recording breaks new ground for Sexton. Most songs were co-written over the summer with Dan Mackenzie, … Continue reading


John M. Keane: Everything Changed

John Keane has had many musical lives: child pop star, teen TV show host, adult singer-songwriter, and composer for the hit TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. "Everything Changed" marks his return to songwriting after a long absence. The CD … Continue reading