Patti Rothberg: Double Standards

Patti Rothberg’s third studio recording, "Double Standards," is a lush, passionate pop-rock recording whose lyrics explore the contradictions that lie between one’s hopes and others’ expectations. The tracks have great range, from acoustic guitar-led songs to highly orchestrated crunch-rock anthems. Throughout, listeners will find songs with alluring hooks, ands lyrics that grow with repeated playing.
Double Standards
Released: 5/13/08
Label: Megaforce
Genre: Rock
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Patti Rothberg
Patti Rothberg says her songs immortalize emotions and chase demons.
Double Standards
Patti Rothberg notices gaps between what some people say and what they do.
Unconditional Love
Patti Rothberg says this song ponders what it means to love without conditions.
Alternate Universe
Patti Rothberg wonders if a bad day here could be a good day somewhere else.
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