Among the Oak and Ash: Among the Oak and Ash

Among The Oak & Ash is Josh Joplin and Garrison Starr, two singer-songwriters drawn to the drama and darkness in traditional American and British folk songs. Their self-titled CD recasts many songs in moody and evocative folk-rock settings. The result is well-known tales, historic figures and forgotten moments that emerge with new realism and vibrancy.
Among the Oak and Ash
Released: 6/16/09
Genre: Folk, Roots
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Old Songs
Josh Joplin says traditional folk songs reveal who people are.
All the Pretty Little Horses
A monument to this sad song sits near a carousel in New York City.
Joseph Hillstrom 1879-1915
Josh Joplin explains why Joe Hill is still remembered in spirit and song.
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Josh Joplin says this Smiths’ song could have been sung a century ago.
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