Marshall Crenshaw: Jaggedland

Marshall Crenshaw’s "Jaggedland" may be the acclaimed singer-songwriter-guitarist’s best work yet. The recording’s songs are memorable, emotionally observant and musically catchy sketches of the ups and downs of Crenshaw’s life and American society in recent years. Among the notable contributing artists are drummer Jim Keltner, guitarists Greg Leisz and Wayne Kramer, and vibraphonist Emil Richards.
Released: 6/2/09
Genre: Rock
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Marshall Crenshaw says he really wanted Jaggedland to be a great album.
Passing Through
Marshall Crenshsaw’s reflective song about returning to an old haunt.
Marshall Crenshaw’s song of surviving in Alaska and telling the tale.
Jim Keltner
Marshall Crenshaw says was thrilled to collaborate with Jim Keltner.
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