Shoshona Bean: Superhero

Shoshana Bean is a fantastic singer who left an acclaimed musical theatre career on Broadway after the unexpected death of a loved one. She wrote and recorded "Superhero," which passionately tells the story of the relationship against a backdrop of compelling and heartfelt modern R&B, soul and gospel. Bean’s tight writing, vocal gifts and theatrical sensibility come together in an extraordinary CD that is deep, moving and catchy.
Released: 12/2/08
Genre: Pop, Urban
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Shoshana Bean describes her path from Broadway to the recording studio.
The Muse
Shoshana Bean says the CD tells the story of the relationship she lost.
The Vocals
Shoshana Bean describes the voices at play in her deft backing vocals.
Shoshana Bean’s song where street singers join her on a walk in NYC.
Press On
Shoshana Bean reflects on the song that brought closure and hope.
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