Mikel Rouse: Gravity Radio

Mikel Rouse is an extraordinary composer whose musical theatre work has been acclaimed for mixing high art and popular culture. His latest work, "Gravity Radio," continues to probe the fragmentation of contemporary attention spans and emotions by big media and culture. Mixing pop music motifs and lyrics with subtle concert touches and broadcast news narratives, Rouse pushes the boundaries of the familiar while asking questions about what really matters.
Gravity Radio
Released: 8/4/09
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Gravity Radio
Mikel Rouse’s latest musical theatre work parses our media-saturated lives.
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Gravity Radio’s news reports and songs play with listeners’ expectations.
Open Lyrics
Mikel Rouse says he doesn’t like art that is predictable or heavy-handed.
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Mikel Rouse says he uses pop and concert motifs in subversive ways.
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