Danny Chaimson and the 11th Hour: Young Blood and Old Soul

"Young Blood, Old Soul" is the debut recording by Danny Chaimson, a Chicago-based keyboardist and songwriter who spent years fine-tuning his considerable skills as a session player in Los Angeles and a member of the city’s funk and soul scene. "Young Blood, Old Soul" aptly describes the CD’s music and writing style, although Chaimson has updated classic grooves with catchy and crisp arrangements and lyrics that tell real life stories.
Young Blood, Old Soul
Released: 9/11/09
Young Blood, Old Soul
Danny Chaimson’s debut mixes his LA experience and Chicago roots.
Funk Songwriter
Danny Chaimson discovered he was a rare songwriter in the funk scene.
Danny Chaimson says becoming a frontman was something he never expected.
L.A. Stories
Danny Chaimson describes the real-life situation behind two songs.
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