New Riders of the Purple Sage: Where I Come From

The New Riders of the Purple Sage pioneered country rock in 1969. Today the band led by founding member Dave Nelson is experiencing a true renaissance. Its latest CD, USE "Where I Come From,USE " features new songs from all members, but the songs co-written by Nelson and Robert Hunter, the Grateful Dead’s main lyricist, are gems. These range from heartfelt yet mysterious ballads to earthy and gritty blues, played by a band with a rich, evocative sound.
Where I Come From
Released: 6/2/09
Label: Woodstock
New Riders Renaissance
David Nelson says the band learned its latest songs while on the road.
Barracuda Moon
David Nelson says this song’s lyrics and music mysteriously appeared.
Big Six
David Nelson says he knows better than to ask Hunter what this is about.
Them Old Minglewood Blues
Nelson has always been drawn to the earliest version of this classic.
Jamming Tips
David Nelson shares some tips on jamming and playing as a band.
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