Tinted Windows: Tinted Windows

Tinted Windows is a most unusual and unusually good new pop-rock band. With founding members from famous bands — Hanson’s Taylor Hanson on lead vocals, Fountain of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger on bass/vocals, The Smashing Pumpkin’s James Iha on guitar/vocals, and Cheap Trick’s Bun E. Carlos on drums — the self-titled debut features melodic but raw pop rock fronted by great vocals. The CD is catchy, dynamic and everyone is having fun. Don’t miss it.
Tinted Windows
Released: 4/21/09
Genre: Rock
All Tinted Windows profiles…
The Band
Adam Schlesinger tells how four friends became Tinted Windows.
The Theory
Taylor Hanson says the band was a "theory" that became a reality.
The Writing
Adam Schlesinger says he wanted songs that were tight, melodic and raw.
One More Song
Taylor Hanson said the CD needed one song not in girl-boy territory.
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